He Said It Out Loud

While using the subject of reparations and the claimed need for them, as his tool, Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D, NY) said the truth out loud.

When you analyze the landscape of the country, and when you see the leaders of our corporations, the CEOs, the majority of the presidents of this country, and when you look at who in this nation has wealth and power and influence and it doesn’t represent you, that is a trauma in and of itself[.]

This has nothing to do with reparations, whether or not such a thing is warranted based on events of more than 160 years—six and seven and more generations—ago. This, Bowman made crystalline, is all about jealousy of success and all about capping those successful, taking what they’ve earned away from them and giving it to others for no reason but those others aren’t as rich.

This call for redistribution also calls those who aren’t jealous of the wealthy’s success liars for their insistence that they aren’t jealous, that they aspire to become wealthy, also.

This call for redistribution also denies those who aren’t wealthy their opportunity to achieve their own wealth—they’ll only be capped in their turn.

This call for redistribution only concerns the Progressive-Democrats’ drive to “fundamentally change America,” to turn our nation into a socialist State.

One other thing: listen to Bowman’s (who’s black, which matters only in this context) phrasing.

intergenerational trauma that our people have experienced…. …form a commission to study the impact of these traumas on our people.

Our people. Not “Americans.” Not “the American people.” Bowman doesn’t even consider 10s of millions of Americans actually to be Americans. He’s segregating them out from America. That’s the Progressive-Democrats’ racist identity politics in action.

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