More Foolishness

This time it’s from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He’s finally getting around to talking about dealing with the 12,000, or so, illegal aliens camping out under a bridge in Del Rio, TX, most of whom are Haitians. Recall that months ago, he talked about telling Haitians not to come to the US illegally as they wouldn’t be allowed in. They came anyway (I guess he doesn’t consider Del Rio’s bridge, on the US side of the Rio Grande, to be US territory).

Now Mayorkas is talking about deporting those under the bridge, seven flights daily to Port-au-Prince and to Cap-Haitien.

Those flights will leave from San Antonio and maybe El Paso.

But why? Why would these illegal aliens be bused 160 miles to San Antonio or 430 miles to El Paso to be put on a flight to Haiti? The Del Rio International Airport is just down the road a piece from the bridge—6 whole miles, or less, depending on the route the bus would take.

And when? So far, this is just more Mayorkas chit chat.

Further, what health risks are being inflicted on us Americans by routing these illegal aliens—10% of whom, by CBP estimates, have Wuhan Virus symptoms—all around Robin Hood’s southern barn to get to a runway instead of deporting them directly from Del Rio?

And these questions: what favored special interests are Biden-Harris and Mayorkis paying off for taking this artificially and unnecessarily circuitous route for deportation? What transportation companies are being paid off for taking part in this circuitous inefficiency?

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