This is Why Baseball

…is no longer America’s Pastime. Although it has become the Extreme Left’s Woke-time and it comes with a measure of naked racism.

These are some demographics for Atlanta, GA, which was going to host major league baseball’s All Star game and for Denver, CO, which now is going to host that All Star game, after baseball’s management team, led by Robert Manfred, unilaterally chose to take the game away over Manfred’s angst from Georgia’s new voter law. Since that law expanded voter access to ballots and to voting generally while increasing the integrity of both, and since Colorado’s voter law is substantially identical to Georgia’s new law, I have to wonder what Manfred has against minorities or against blacks in particular.

Anyway. These data are from, variously, Wikipedia, US Census for Denver County/Atlanta City, and Society for American Baseball Research:

Atlanta Denver
Population 420,000 600,200
Population Density 3,154/sq mi 5,470/sq mi
Per Centage Black 50.4 9.8
Per Centage Asian 3.1 4.1
Per Centage Native American 0.2 1.7
Per Centage White 40.9 80.9
Economics (a/o 2012)
Minority-Owned firms 30,100 18,000
Nonminority-Owned firms 31,750 57,100
Veteran-Owned firms 5,400 6,300
Per cent persons in poverty 20.8 12.1
Player Demographics

—as of 2016

Per Centage
White 63.7
Black 6.7
Latino 27.4
Asian 2.1

Manfred moved the game from a predominantly black city, with minority- and nonminority-owned businesses roughly equal in number to a lily white city having more than 3 times the number of nonminority-owned businesses as minority-owned businesses.

Manfred, with his move, blocked somewhere between $65 million and $100 million in game-related economic activity—activity including things like 19,300 hotel room nights (and associated spending by those hotel guests), temporary employment (and associated spending by the influx of customers driving the hiring and the subsequent spending by those temps) in surrounding businesses related to the game, and other businesses supporting/supplying those game-related businesses—from entering that slightly black-majority city and transferred all that money to the lily white city.

Manfred, with his move, took his predominantly white and Latino game out of that predominantly black city and moved it to his favored lily-white city.

Atlanta is much more poverty-ridden, too. Manfred isn’t punishing Georgia–or Atlanta, per se, with his move. He has (carefully, I say) punished Atlanta’s poor, and Atlanta’s minority-owned businesses. These are precisely the folks Manfred is pretending so piously to be helping.

Of course Manfred knew all this when he made his decision; he carefully vetted both cities before his decided. His decision: he didn’t even deign check with the baseball players union or the players. Again, I ask: why does Manfred seem to hate minorities so?

America isn’t fraught with systemic racism. But MLB management is hypocritical, dishonest, and no little bit racist under the Left’s disparate impact ideology. And MLB management, as illustrated by its All Star Game move, seems directly racist.

The Extreme Left and major league baseball [sic] are fit partners for each other. Major league baseball is no fit partner for Americans. At least not until there’s a complete turnover of baseball management from the commissioner on down through middle management and that turnover accompanied by a change in behavior toward more honest, less bigoted behavior.

On the other hand, I’ve heard from a reliable source familiar with the matter that major league baseball has considered that Atlanta simply has more voters to be suppressed than has Denver.

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