What Biden Hath Wrought

Two little girls—3yrs old and 5yrs old—were dropped over a 14ft fence from the Mexican side of our southern border onto the American side.

In the middle of the night.

In the middle of the desert.

With no supplies—no water, no food, no means of shading themselves from the coming sun.

With no one—not an adult, not a teenager, not anyone—to take them into care or custody, to take them to safety.

They were just dumped and left to die in the coming day’s heat (yes, in Arizona even this time of year) and aridity, whether from dehydration, overheating—or being coyote or bobcat food.

See a video of Biden’s child abuse here.

It’s just the little girls’ blind luck that they weren’t injured from the fall. It’s just the little girls’ blind luck, and God’s overwatch, that Border Patrol had surveillance drones in the area and happened to see the atrocity. As a result, they were able to rescue the girls.

Sadly, this is typical, not extreme—it’s just what happened to be spotted along our now deliberately porous border.

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