President Joe Biden (D) gave his definition of the term (summarized in part by The Wall Street Journal) in his Thursday slow pitch press conference—and it doesn’t begin to approach actual bipartisanship.

The president also urged Republicans to work with him to pass his legislative agenda, which includes a coming multi-trillion-dollar economic, climate-change, and infrastructure package, as well as measures on immigration and guns.


“Here’s the deal: I think my Republican colleagues are going to have to determine whether or not we want to work together or decide that the way in which they want to proceed is to just decide to divide the country, to continue the politics of division,” [Biden] said.

Notice that: Republicans must work to pass Biden’s agenda. Never mind that these items are ideological anathema to Conservatives and Republicans; they should simply surrender their principles to “work with” Biden and his Progressive-Democrats.

Notice further: Republicans must work with Biden and his Progressive-Democrats on everything. Neither Biden nor his fellows have any obligation to work with Republicans. Bipartisanship is strictly a one-way affair. And anyone who disagrees with that directionality is being divisive.

This is the level of integrity that Biden has, and by extension that his Progressive-Democratic Party has.

Keep it in mind in the fall of 2022.

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