One Option

President Joe Biden (D)—of the Biden-Harris administration (or is it the Harris-Biden administration?)—sees few options for dealing with the border crisis his campaign promises triggered and his actions have actualized and badly potentiated.

The situation is creating a sharp political and policy challenge in Mr Biden’s first months in office.

Biden has just exacerbated his crisis, too, by turning his back on his responsibility and utterly abrogating his role as President by wishing the matter off onto his nominal Vice President, Kamala Harris (D). That personage has long demonstrated that she doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about our southern border. And no, I’m not talking about her contemptuous, laughing scorn of a reporter’s question about her border visitation plans.

Harris was a Senator before she became VP, and she was California’s AG before that. And in both chairs, she actively supported California as a sanctuary state, welcoming all illegal aliens with open arms.

Yet there is one option Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden (Harriden? Bidris?) could take to stem the tide and reverse it. The option wouldn’t take very long to have salutary effect, either. Of course, the option is difficult politically, and Biden and Harris, individually or collectively, don’t have the moral or political courage to effect it.

That option is to withdraw Biden’s Executive Orders, emitted in the first days of his tenure in the White House’s residence wing, canceling former President Donald Trump’s border and immigration control policies. Restore the prior administration’s status quo.

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