In last Thursday’s matinee press conference, President Joe Biden (D) agreed with a reporter’s question and suggested answer regarding the filibuster:

“President Obama said he believed the filibuster was a relic of the Jim Crow era. Do you agree?” a reporter asked Biden.
“Yes,” he answered.

So, ex-President Barack Obama (D) and Biden, both of whom previously loudly defended the filibuster, have confessed themselves as racists for having done so, the filibuster being a relic of Jim Crow, and all.

Still, their racism is entirely consistent with the intrinsically racist core of the Progressive-Democratic Party of which they’re leading lights: its forebear and least-left wing of the Progressive-Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, is the Party of Jim Crow and of racism generally, and the current Progressive-Democratic Party subsumes that core into its body and actively extends it with its racist—and sexist—identity politics of rank segregation.

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