Weasel Words

We saw the value of Senator Joe Manchin’s (D, WV) promises and commitments when he said that he would not support a bill that didn’t have support and input from “his Republican friends”—and then voted for reconciliation on the Progressive-Democrats’ $1.9 trillion Wuhan Virus “relief” bill, passed on strictly party lines. And then he voted for the bill itself on strictly party lines. In neither case was there support from his “Republican friends.”

Manchin also has said he’s against doing away with the filibuster.  Here, though, we’re beginning to see another example of the valuelessness of his commitments.

On the matter of the Progressive-Democrat House’s election “reform” bill,

Top Democrats have voiced they’re not going to allow the filibuster to shut down the recent voting reform bill passed in the House. They suggested there should be reconciliation permission for proposals involving civil and voting rights.
Even Manchin has signaled his willingness to ditch the filibuster when it comes to the election proposal.


I’m not willing to take away the involvement of the minority. I’m not going to go there until my Republican friends have the ability to have their say also. … I’m hoping they will get involved to the point where we have 10 of them that will work with 50 of us.

Notice another item here, too. Ten Republicans are required to work with his Progressive-Democrats. No one from Party is required—nor even encouraged—to work with Republicans.

We need to remember this Newspeak definition of “work with” in the fall of 2022—not only in West Virginia, but across our republic.

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