False Flag

Progressive-Democrats continue to wax hysterical about an armed insurrection that they claim occurred on 6 January when Congressmen were traumatized by a bunch of rioters who penetrated the Capital Building and inflicted a fair amount of damage and did some looting.


Jill Sanborn, FBI Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division in front of a Congressional joint oversight committee last Wednesday:

To my knowledge we have not recovered any [firearms] on that day from any of the arrests at the scene at this point. No one has been charged with a firearms violation.

And this exchange with Senator Ron Johnson (R, WI):

Johnson: How many shots were fired that we know of?
Sanborn: The only shots fired were the ones [fired by a Capitol Police officer] that resulted in the death of the one lady[.]

What “armed insurrection?” Tough to have one without arms.

No, this whole sad charade is wholly made up by the Progressive-Democrats and their communications arm, the press, to distract from the manifest failures of Progressive-Democrat policies, whether immigration, election (re)form, foreign policy, what-have-you.

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