Progressive-Democrats and their…Preferences

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has buried another item in her 1,400+ page demand list of “relief” supports that she is requiring in quid pro quo for her support for the Senate Wuhan Virus relief bill that her minions in the Senate are actively blocking: $35 million for operations and maintenance for New York’s JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Pelosi’s bill would provide funding for

…employee compensation and benefits, grants, contracts, payments for rent or utilities, fees for artists or performers….

Notice that: Pelosi is actively denying the same relief for average Americans and the small, medium, large businesses that employ them unless she can have her Precious Ones subsidized—by those same out-of-work employees and closed-down small and medium-sized businesses, especially, who must pay the taxes for Pelosi’s demands.

Your Progressive-Democratic Party in action—not working for anyone’s benefit but their own.

2 thoughts on “Progressive-Democrats and their…Preferences

  1. And Jerry Nadler is leading a parade of NYC Reps (ha!) demanding $4B to support museums in NYC because it wouldn’t be NYC without them.

    • It’s an example of why it’s impossible to take anything these Progressive-Democrats do or say seriously–only take seriously the power they wield to get in the way of the nation’s general Welfare and its weal for their personal gain.
      Eric Hines

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