Pelosi Abandoned DACA Recipients

‘Way last December, now-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) revealed the depth of Progressive-Democrats’ opposition to anything Trump or Republican.

[Then-]House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi…rejected the idea of partially funding President Donald Trump’s border wall in exchange for amnesty for “Dreamers….”

Recall that in President Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address, he laid out his four pillars of immigration policy:

  • legal status for 1.8 million illegal aliens brought to the US as minors, including those who had not registered under DACA
  • a secure border
  • ending the visa lottery
  • ending chain migration

Aside from “secure border” including a wall along parts of it in Trump’s lexicon, notice that he offered legalization for 1,000,000 more DACA types than the Progressive-Democrats had pretended to fight for during the Obama administration.

The Progressive-Democrats were for DACA recipients relief before they decided to completely abandon them.  Can the Progressive-Democratic Party get any lower, any more despicable, in its hysterical opposition to Trump?

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