A Sanctuary City Success

New York City is a sanctuary city.  There are more than eight million stories in the city. Here is one of them.

Within the three months, from January to mid-April this year, ICE prepared more than 440 detainers against aliens booked by NYPD or NYDOC. Nearly 40 individuals who were released from custody, reoffended and were again arrested for crimes by local law enforcement officers.

That’s a 9% repeat offense rate, and those repeats happen quickly.  Here are some of those releases.

A 43-year old man from China was released in March after being arrested for Criminal Possession Controlled Substance…, then re-arrested for Criminal Possession Controlled Substance…in April.


A 28-year old man from Azerbaijan was released in February after being returned on a warrant for a Criminal Trespass…, then re-arrested in April for Grand Larceny…. [This one also is a violent offender, with an assault conviction in his history]


A 20-year old from Guatemala arrested for a felony count Assault 2nd Degree: Injure Victim 65 or older and released in January, arrested in February for Felony Grand Larceny, and arrested again in March for Resisting Arrest


A 28-year old Salvadoran man arrested for Assault in March was released, then again arrested for Robbery in April

Yes, indeed, that’s a success.  For illegal aliens who also are serious criminals.

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