We don’t need no stinking merit.  That’s what the Progressive-Democratic Party in Pennsylvania says.

In May, two women were elected to the Progressive-Democratic State Committee.  Then the Committee said the election doesn’t matter.  They rejected the women, denied them their places on the committee.  The committee instead

[gave] the positions to men who garnered fewer votes. Believe it or not, Democrats are justifying this decision in the name of gender equity.

If Darrell Clarke and Noam Kugelmass, the two men who were gifted the seats resoundingly won by Judi Golding Baker and Mariel Martin, had a scintilla of grace, of self respect, of integrity, they’d have refused to accept the seats.  But….

It’s not only the dishonesty of the Party’s hypocrisy that’s in play here.  It isn’t even the Progressive-Democrats’ plain war on women that this move illustrates.  It’s both of those, but even more importantly, it’s the deliberate overruling of the will of the voters.  The Progressive-Democrats didn’t just ignore their voters.  Having been issued their instructions by those voters, the Party flat overruled them.  Voters’ votes just don’t count according to this Party.

This is the sort of thing we can expect if the Progressive-Democratic Party regains a majority in the House this fall—in spades if they regain the Senate.

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