What Happens Next?

You’ve all heard that the FBI has reopened the criminal investigation into Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; her use of a private, unsecured email server to conduct State Department official business; and the passage through that system of classified emails, some of which she received copies of, some of which she relayed, some of which she originated, and with at least one of which—after a classified fax transmittal attempt failed—she instructed the originator to strip off the markings and send the thing unclassified through her unclassified system.

What happens now?  Some possibilities occur to me.

  • President Barack Obama (D) instructs his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to halt the renewed investigation
  • Obama pardons Clinton in advance soon, as in before the election in a few days
  • Clinton gets elected with the FBI’s investigation still running, and then Obama instructs Lynch to halt the renewed investigation
  • Clinton gets indicted, likely after the election since even a renewed investigation will take time to run to completion, and Obama pardons her
  • In the unlikely event the investigation survives the interferences and continues until after President-elect Clinton is inaugurated, Clinton has Lynch (her minion rewarded with continuation as AG) halt the investigation, or she pardons herself

Most likely, though, this investigation will peter out with a sham conclusion, just as the original investigation did.

If that last is the case, though, then why would FBI Director James Comey reopen it at all?  My speculation: all those “angry FBI agents” who were disgruntled over the handling of that earlier investigation answered Comey’s “‘twarn’t me” memo with a letter back to Comey containing words to the effect of, “Reopen this investigation and let us do it right, or we’ll resign.  Loudly.”

Which lets the investigation go forward, but leaves Comey, Lynch, Clinton, and Obama in position to quash it at a suitable later time—and with a Clinton administration in place, little recourse for the rest of us.

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