Clinton’s Emails and Anthony Weiner

The FBI appears to have no search warrant with which to search the laptop and cell phone(s) that Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s senior aide and close confident Huma Abedin shared with her (now estranged) husband Anthony Weiner (at least as I write this Sunday).

The FBI still must dicker with Loretta Lynch (D) and her Department of Justice:

As of Saturday night, the FBI was still in talks with the Justice Department about obtaining a warrant that would allow agency officials to read any of the newly discovered Abedin emails….

“We do not have a warrant,” a senior law enforcement official said. “Discussions are under way [between the FBI and the Justice Department] as to the best way to move forward.”

The best way to move forward.  Which, of course, includes whether Lynch will allow the FBI to move forward at all.

There’s another item here that comes to mind, though, that stems from this aspect of the investigation of Weiner over his sexting escapades.

Did Weiner have access to any classified government documents on his laptop and iPhone[?]

It seems all too likely that these emails that Abedin has on the shared laptop (if not also on the iPhone (or iPhones—might Weiner have had more than one?)) include emails that have Clinton as a CC (or BCC) addressee, emails TO Clinton, emails FROM Clinton, or some combination of those alternatives.

Whether Clinton-involving emails are present or not, it’s all too likely, also, that at least some of Abedin’s emails that don’t include Clinton in distribution contain classified information.  In either case, it now seems imperative that the FBI include steganographic analyses of the imagery Weiner sent (and received?) on his iPhone(s), and on the shared laptop.

Update: Instapundit is reporting that Bret Baier is reporting that Weiner is cooperating with the FBI, so warrants aren’t needed.  Additionally, the Washington Examiner is reporting that the FBI has obtained two warrants for searching the Abedin/Weiner laptop.

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