How do you get 650,000 State Department emails onto one laptop, even if accumulated over some years?  Especially when it’s a laptop that isn’t routinely used by a State Department employee or confidante of a State employee, but instead is owned by (or at best shared with) a State employee/confidante spouse and dependent?

Separately, might some of these be copies of the emails Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton deleted under the claim that they were personal, centered on wedding planning and yoga?

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  1. The 650k emails were all emails – not just those from State, and not even those of only Huma. And she said she never deletes any emails. So those go back years and years.

    • They’re alleged to go back to her time at State, no earlier than that. That’s eight years; make it ten, to give some engineering slop to the estimate. That’s 65,000 emails per year, although I’d expect it to be heavily loaded to the 4-5 years of her time at State plus some prep and wind-down time. And: metadata indicate that “thousands of messages were sent to or from Mrs Clinton’s private email server.”

      It’s certainly true that there’ll be other correspondence than strictly State-related: Huma’s yoga lessons and perhaps contacts with domestic court lawyers. There’ll also be correspondence involving folks other than Hillary Clinton and Huma–stuff involving Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Jennifer Palmieri, Jake Sullivan, Sidney Blumenthal all come to mind. And a couple of “IT” advisors: Eric Hoteham, Bryan Pagliano, Justin Cooper.

      And some miscellany: Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey

      Eric Hines

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