The Department of Education

stepped in it again.

The Department of Education issued a resource guide on Tuesday that guides teachers on how they should treat undocumented students, and encourages them to boost educational and career opportunities for those students.

“Teachers…who serve immigrant students should understand the cultural and educational backgrounds of their students,” the [Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth] recommended.

Couple things about this: undocumented students—illegal aliens—are not immigrants. Immigrants are folks who entered our nation legally and who are still here legally. Certainly, these children who are illegal aliens are in that status through no fault of their own; however, that’s a problem for those who brought them here and who are harboring them now. The kids’ upkeep is on those others.

That last—who is responsible now that the kids are here—is a moral question that can be debated. The larger problem is this: Teachers…who serve immigrant students should understand the cultural…backgrounds…. The only reason to understand the cultural backgrounds—and it’s a real need—is so the teachers can better help the students to assimilate into their new culture, our American culture, the very thing for which they came or were brought.

That assimilation aspect is sorely lacking today in our politically correct public schools. DoE knows that lack full well.

DoE’s Resource Guide can be seen here.

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