What Obama Hath Wrought

Syrian pro-regime forces backed by Russian airstrikes have expanded their ground offensive to the strategic city of Aleppo…. But with the backing of Russian warplanes, Iranian forces, and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, Mr Assad’s forces could now be in position to regain large parts of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Notice that: in addition to Assad’s military, the Russians are there attacking, the terrorist organization Hezbollah is there attacking, the Iranians are there attacking.

And President Barack Obama continues to do nothing but Obamatalk about getting rid of Bashar al Assad, as he…said…he would do all those years ago. Before he drew his red line regarding al Assad’s use of chemical weapons and then let al Assad use those weapons with impunity.

Obama’s timidity passivity has invited these in, to the detriment of the rebels, to the detriment of the Syrian people, to the detriment of Israel, to the detriment of Jordan, to the detriment of the Middle East in general.

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