A Tax Implication of Obama’s Immigration

Via The Daily Caller comes this ugly thought. Illegal aliens, under President Barack Obama’s immigration diktat, will get work permits and be eligible for social security payments in their dotage. They’ll also be required to pay taxes, including their Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. Never mind that their employers’ cost of labor just went up because they’ll no longer be able to avoid paying their own payroll taxes on those workers (to be clear, they should have been paying all along, but since they were breaking the law hiring these folks, they could hardly be expected to give themselves up by paying up).

Here’s the kicker, though. The number of illegal alien families living under the Federal Poverty Guideline is roughly double the number for the nation at large. Thus,

…asked if the illegals would get annual payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit program[,]

“They are subject to our tax law,” [Cecilia Munoz, White House Domestic Policy Council Director] said….

And for other welfare benefits, now that they’ll be in the system, at least for as long as Obama’s illegal diktat lasts.

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