Was the Palestinian Authority Ever Serious

…during the latest cease fire in its terror war against Israel [emphasis added]?

Israel has suspended talks with Palestinian factions in Cairo after three rockets from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel, breaking a cease-fire aimed at allowing negotiators to broker a long-term truce for the conflict-ridden territory.

The rocket fire came hours after Israel and Palestinian factions resumed negotiations toward a cease-fire deal. On Monday night, both sides accepted a proposal by Egyptian mediators to prolong their cease-fire from Monday to Tuesday midnight local time to give extra time to reach an agreement.

…Izzat Al Risheq, a senior Hamas official and delegate to the talks, expressed pessimism on Monday that more talk would produce a durable accord.

No, they never were. They just wanted the days in which to rest, recuperate, and reform so they could resume.

Neither, evidently, is the UN serious.

…Robert Serry, the UN special envoy to the Middle East, urged negotiators to agree on a durable cease-fire so reconstruction could start.

“Gaza urgently needs houses, hospitals and schools—not rockets, tunnels and conflict,” Mr. Serry told the council.

Sure. If he actually believed that, he’d be moving to stop UNRWA from warehousing the terrorists’ rockets for them, allowing the terrorists to dig their tunnels under UNRWA facilities, or participating in the terrorists’ staged propaganda.

No, this was all about buying time for the PA to get their rest, recuperation, and refitting.

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