UN Gaza Facilities and the Line of Fire

UNRWA says another of its schools has been hit by Israeli fire.

UNRWA has been caught three times storing Palestinian Authority rockets in their facilities, “unused” or occupied by refugees, for later use in terror attacks on Israel. On one of those occasions, UNRWA carefully turned the cache over to the PA, and on another occasion, UNRWA authorities simply abandoned the facility and the refugees they were pretending to shelter. UNRWA’s disposition of the third collection of stored terror weapons is unknown.

On another occasion, a terrorist tunnel was discovered beneath a UNRWA facility.

The Palestinian Authority also is well known for firing its rockets from UN facilities as well as from private homes of Gazan civilians. The Palestinian Authority’s terrorists are well known for shooting at the IDF from within UN facilities, Gazan hospitals, Gazan private homes.

I have to ask. What weapons were you storing in this “school?” How many terrorists were in this “school” shooting at the IDF at the time of the Israeli fire?

I have to ask another: President Barack Obama, through his State Department condemned the attack.  Where is his condemnation of the Palestinian Authority and their terror war that created the conditions for this attack?

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