Union Greed, Extended

Included in President Barack Obama’s latest budget proposal was a 1% raise for Federal employees.  Of course, in this time of profligate spending and exploding debt, that’s not enough for public service unions.

David Cox, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the nation’s largest federal employee union, said Monday that the 1% increase is “pitiful” and fails to compensate for sacrifice by government workers.

“Federal employees have endured years of pay freezes and cuts in retirement benefits,” Cox said in a statement.  “Federal employees deserve a meaningful pay raise, not a token increase that will be more than eaten up by rising living costs, including higher retirement and healthcare costs.”


Union leaders argue the planned increase is not enough to compensate for recent hardships endured by federal workers, who will see an estimated $120 billion in lower wages and benefits during the next decade due to the pay freezes, according to the American Federation of Government Employees.

“I strongly believe that federal employees deserve more, and this amount is inadequate,” [National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen] Kelley [said].  “There is no question in my mind that inadequate raises will have consequences on recruitment and retention.”

All Americans have been sacrificing in this failed recovery, especially in the private sector, where too many have no job at all in which to get a 1% pay raise, and some Americans have been sacrificing far more in defense of this country—and these government unions—against threats and attacks by our enemies.  Government union employees are hardly special, except perhaps in their own minds.  If government employees don’t like their “rewards” for doing their jobs, they don’t have to stay in those jobs.  Not even government employment is a jobs welfare program.

These guys “deserve” a pay raise based on what useful criteria?  The actual “meritorious” job performance of the IRS?  Of State?  DoJ?

What rising living costs are being claimed in an environment of artificially depressed interest rates and low inflation?

Rising healthcare costs?  You mean Obamacare, which you guys (and your private sector counterparts) enthusiastically supported?

Beuller? Beuller?  Anyone?

The bit about lower future wages and benefits is especially…amusing.  This is of a piece with the fantasy of future-year “cuts” that exist only in the minds of those trapped in the Beltway Imaginary Friends World.

As to those cried over consequences to recruitment and retention, that works for me; we have too many Federal employees, anyway.  During the recent Democratic Party shutdown of the government, the EPA rated 94% of its employees non-essential, for instance.  And see my earlier remark about nobody being held in a government job against his will.

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