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A Conservative’s Thoughts on Rights and Duties, their Duality, and some Implications

I have a new pamphlet out, A Conservative’s Thoughts on Rights and Duties, their Duality, and some Implications; a link to the Kindle version of it (the only version, currently) has been added to the sidebar at right.

I touched on rights and duties and their duality in my book A Conservative’s Manifesto, but only tangentially to a larger discussion of Conservative principles.  However, an understanding of individual rights and individual duties, especially their nature as individual endowments rather than as attributes of groups of men or as grants from some men acting in a “government’s” name, forms a critical part of Conservative thought.  Now, with us Americans broadly divided on what our rights and duties really are, or even whether the government should have them instead of us, is the time to expand on that peripheral discussion and to address the matter directly.

The Progressive Endgame

What Progressives don’t understand—won’t accept—is that, as Eric Falkenstein wrote

People get most of their pleasure, and meaning, being useful to others, which includes inspiring the admiration or happiness of others by one’s actions. Every time I make my daughter squeal with delight makes me thankful to be alive, because I know she really loves me, and I work to provide her with things and habits that will make her prosper, and hope that at some point after I’m gone she will remember me with sincere gratitude.

Equal Outcome and Equal Opportunity are Equally Moral?

Senator Marco Rubio (Rep, FL) spoke on the floor of the Senate last August; a recording of that speech was posted by Senator Rubio here: This Debate Will Continue.  I agree with almost all of his words, but there is one critical passage with which I must take issue, albeit at a late date.

Senator Rubio said (these words can be heard beginning at about the 5:20 mark of his roughly 10 minute recording),