Progressive-Democratic Party Selling Out Israel

Progressive-Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA) wants to deny Israel F-15 fighters—in the middle of Israel’s war for survival against a Hamas and Islamic Jihad of Palestine’s effort to exterminate that nation. She’s gaslighting Americans with her premise that Israel is somehow responsible for the destruction and death that the terrorists are inflicting through their use of Gazan civilians as shields for the terrorists, and the terrorists’ use of civilian residences, schools, mosques and churches, and hospitals as cover for the terrorists’ weapons caches, launching sites, and command centers.

Nor is Warren’s move an isolated incident. It’s typical of the Progressive-Democratic Party’s sellout.

House [Progressive-]Democrats called on President Joe Biden to stop sending weapons to Israel following the country’s drone strike that killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza.

These wonders are using the tragically mistaken strike by the IDF as their own excuse to betray Israel. They don’t care that one of the things that makes the mistaken strike so notable is the utter rarity of such mistakes by the IDF and the enormous pains they go to to minimize civilian casualties. Those pains include, but are far from limited to, warning everyone in the target zone—including, in consequence, the terrorists—of an impending strike so the civilians (and terrorists) could leave beforehand.

This is the depth of the perfidy of the Progressive-Democratic Party that they’ve become so protective of the Hamas and IJP terrorists.

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