Deals with Terrorists

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is applying ever increasing pressure on Israel to reach an agreement with the terrorist Hamas regarding cease fires and hostages. This extends to his telecon with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu late last week, using the IDF’s screwup (an amazingly rare occurrence, illustrating the IDF’s amazing skill at minimizing civilian casualties, a skill that is amazingly ignored by the press and by Biden and his SecState) as his latest excuse for pressuring Israel.

President Biden urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work out the issue during a phone call Thursday. He also called for an immediate cease-fire and for Netanyahu to empower his negotiators to reach a deal, according to US officials.

Which raises a couple of questions in my peabrain. What is Biden’s evidence that Netanyahu hasn’t already—hasn’t all along—empowered his negotiators to reach a deal?

The larger question, though, is when has Biden called Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas MFWIC, or Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ Gaza Strip MFWIC? Has he even tried? Neither of them will take his calls?

The answers to that larger question, coupled with Biden’s blatantly one-sided pressure on Israel to reach a deal that he knows Hamas doesn’t need or want, are very strong clues to whose side Biden is on and to the depth of Biden’s antisemitism.

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