Biden’s Open Support for Hamas

His support, and his hypocrisy, is made especially manifest by this remark of his regarding Israel’s accidental bombing of a World Central Kitchen food delivery truck:

Israel has not done enough to protect aid workers trying to deliver desperately needed help to civilians. Incidents like yesterday’s simply should not happen.

Never mind that Biden has chosen to offer no evidence—at any time in his drumbeat of condemnation of Israel in its war for survival—that Israel isn’t doing its utmost to avoid civilian casualties.

Biden has, however, authorized his own missile attacks on pickup trucks that later turned out to be carrying solely civilian families, like this one that Biden’s administration carried out in Afghanistan that killed seven children while Biden was immersed in his panic-ridden cutting and running from Afghanistan.

At least the WCK workers new they were operating in a war zone with all the attendant risks. What did those Afghani children know and their parents know?

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