What Progressive-Democrats Think of our Veterans

Massachusetts’ Progressive-Democrat Governor Maura Healey is moving to turn an erstwhile Boston veterans care facility into a shelter for illegal aliens. She’s intent on converting

the historic Chelsea Soldiers’ Home—which was vacant and scheduled for demolition—into a site for 100 migrant families and pregnant women[.]

Meanwhile, there remain several hundred of our veterans—who are in our nation legally—in Boston who are homeless and need shelter of their own. When the facility was open to veterans, they had to pay $10-$30 per month, depending on whether they needed nursing care or just a place to be. The facility was closed last December, though in lieu of a different, larger facility. Closed, not kept open as an additional facility for our veterans.

It’s true enough that otherwise unsupported pregnant women also need a place to be, and it’s true enough that the women aren’t necessarily illegal aliens. The fact remains though, that for all that earlier support, our veterans had to pay for their stays there. Now that it’s scheduled to become a shelter for illegal aliens, those illegals won’t even have to pay that token fee. America’s—Massachusetts’—taxpayers will foot the bill for them.

This is what Progressive-Democrats think about the generations of Americans, and of those soon-to-be-American by dint of their service, who have fought for our nation, for our freedom, and have been maimed, or killed in those struggles over the centuries. Illegal aliens—who broke our laws and continue to break them by staying here of their own, malice aforethought—will get better treatment under this move than our veterans, men and women in much direr straits as a result of their defense of our nation.

It is shameful that an American political party would treat those who made that party, and all the others, possible in this way.

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