Lies of Progressive-Democratic Party Politicians…

…and their supporters. Here’s the latest batch, via Just the News.

  • FBI agents took allegations from Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the midst of the 2016 presidential election and provably misled a court [the FISA Court] by omitting key information, in one case even doctoring evidence.

The FBI as a supporter of one political party? Yes, the agency has chosen a side and abandoned the requirement for it to be a coldly objective investigator of criminal behavior regardless of the behaver.

  • Fifty-one intelligence experts who derived their credentials from American taxpayers signed a letter cheered on by Joe Biden’s campaign to falsely portray Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation when the FBI had already corroborated it as authentic.
  • An official congressional select committee [the J-6 Committee, for those following along at home] concluded a White House aide’s third-party hearsay account that Donald Trump tried to violently commandeer his presidential SUV on January 6 was more credible than the Secret Service driver’s firsthand account—which it suppressed—that such an event never happened.
  • A White House official [Ian Sams, White House Office of Counsel to the President] used the power of the bully pulpit to insist it was a “significant error” for journalists to report Joe Biden “willfully” kept and disseminated classified information when in fact that is exactly what the Biden Justice Department’s appointed special counsel had concluded.

And this one from Party’s communications arm, the press guild:

…”[ABC News‘ George] Stephanopoulos said 10 times, on 10 separate occasions, Donald Trump was found ‘liable for rape’ in the E Jean Carroll case. He specifically said that the jury found Trump ‘liable for rape’—now that’s important. In fact, the jury specifically found Trump not liable for rape,” [Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron] York told Fox News Digital.”

“[I]t’s just a fact that the court asked the jury, ‘Do you think Miss Carroll proved by preponderance of the evidence that Donald Trump raped her?’ And they said, ‘No.'”

This is what’s a stake this fall. Will we be reigned over by an intrinsically dishonest political syndicate, or will we succeed in electing a Conservative government that would be markedly less dishonest, if not itself precisely lily-pure?

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