Soviet Canada

Now the Justin Trudeau government that’s reigning over Canada wants to lock Canadian citizens away for the crime of speculating—thinking—in ways Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds personally objectionable.

On February 26 Mr Trudeau’s Liberal government introduced Bill C-63, the Online Harms Act, which targets so-called hate speech on the internet. One of its provisions would enable anyone, with the consent of the federal attorney general, to “lay an information before a provincial court judge if the person fears on reasonable grounds that another person will commit” an offense. The judge could then issue a “peace bond” imposing conditions, including house arrest and electronic monitoring, on the defendant merely because it’s feared he could commit a hate crime.

Enhancing this attack on Canadian citizens’ liberty, Trudeau wants to pay individuals for denouncing their neighbors.

The commission [the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the central government arm charged with enforcing the Denouncement Law] would have the power to levy [fines] of up to 20,000 Canadian dollars (around US $15,000), payable to the complainant, not the treasury.

Is Trudeau moving to reduce Canada’s Provinces to the status of soviets under the control of the central committee?

On the other hand, given Trudeau’s…thought processes…maybe some concerned citizens might lay an information before an Ontario judge, provide the Ontario Provincial Police with the peace bond for enforcement, and see Trudeau confined to 24 Sussex adorned with an electronic monitoring device.

Nah. With his government determining what constitutes unacceptable thinking, Trudeau is proof against enforcement. Laws are only for the disdained bourgeoisie.

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