When is Reducing Employee Hours not a Layoff?

When it’s being done to reallocate city funds to support illegal aliens. That’s Denver’s Newspeak Dictionary version of what the city managers are choosing to do to the city’s Parks and Recreations system “on call” employees, folks like lifeguards, front desk workers, and coaches. The parks and recs’ $4.3 million budget is better used taking care of those illegal aliens.

Oh, and never mind what those layoffs, to use an American English dictionary definition of Denver’s action, will do to the city’s residents, especially the children, who will no longer have any place to swim or to play the sports that used to be coached.

One more thing: in view of the city managers’ demonstrated priorities—show of hands—who believes this won’t be extended to the whole of Denver’s parks and recs employees when the flow of illegal aliens continues unabated?

The city has offered this sop to those employees who are out of a job, even though they’re not “laid off:” they can apply for unemployment insurance. See ya, Suckers.

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