In Which Biden Extends His Betrayal of Israel

The Biden administration is putting before the UN Security Council an alternative proposal that demands Israel agree a cease fire as soon as practicable and not engage its Rafah ground offensive until, functionally, Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden personally approves. Biden’s “alternative” pushes for

a temporary cease-fire in Gaza and states Israel’s planned, major ground offensive into the southern Gaza city of Rafah “should not proceed under current circumstances.”

No alternative proposal needs to be submitted to the UN Security Council. The US vetoed the proposal put up by Algeria, and that’s all it needs to do, other than then sitting down, shutting up, and staying out of Israel’s way.

The only circumstances under which Biden presently would approve Israel’s move into Rafah to root out and destroy the Hamas terrorist organization holed up there is if Israel were to guarantee no civilians would be harmed in the making of that move. This is an impossible guarantee, and Biden knows that full well.

Agreeing any sort of cease fire at this point would be Israel letting Hamas continue to exist to carry out the thousand October 7s that a Hamas mucky-muck has already publicly promised. The only time when a cease fire would become practicable is when there are no more Hamas terrorists left at which to fire. Biden knows this full well, also.

Joe Biden’s anti-Israel perfidy is abhorrent, and all of us Americans need to remember this in November.

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