Governor Crybaby

Now it’s Illinois’ Progressive-Democrat Governor JB Pritzker who’s joining the Greek Chorus (and giving a bad name to Greek Choruses) with his bodice-ripping (not that I mix metaphors, or anything) sobbing about all the illegal aliens coming into Democratic states, Democratic cities.

We have migrants that arrive from Texas virtually every day, hundreds, and we don’t have places to put them.

This is the first of his cynical tear-jerks. Texas hasn’t transported a single migrant to Illinois, or to anywhere else, come to that. Texas has transported illegal aliens—every one of whom makes the trip voluntarily—to Illinois and to other places.

Hundreds: wow. So many. Never mind that Texas and Arizona towns and cities are getting inundated by thousands of illegal aliens every day, and that the “immigration” deal on offer in the Senate would seek to dam that flood at…5,000 per day.

We don’t have places to put them. Then stop enthusiastically—zealously, even—inviting them in with your open arms Illegal Aliens Sanctuary status.

There are plenty of other cities where, you know, if he’s going to send people, they could be sent, but no. He’s choosing only Democratic states, Democratic cities….

This is the second of his cynical tear-jerks. No, Texas’ Republican Governor Gregg Abbott is not transporting any illegal aliens at all to Democratic states, Democratic cities. He’s transporting them to sanctuary States and to sanctuary cities. That those receiving jurisdictions happen to be Progressive-Democrat-run says volumes about the Progressive-Democratic Party, and nothing at all about the torrent of illegal aliens flooding across our border compared to the tiny trickle these sanctuary States and cities are getting.

Maybe Pritzker should sit down. His caterwauling is damaging to the Chorus.

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