A Debate Idea

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden plans to refuse to participate in any Presidential debates in the coming Presidential campaign season. He’s already cowering away from any primary debates with his opponent, Marrianne Williamson and Minnesota Progressive-Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips, even ducking whole primary campaigns, getting States to completely suppress Democrat voters cancel their primary contests.

The Republican Presidential nominee—likely former President Donald Trump, but it still could be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley—should challenge Biden to open debate, and when he refuses, the Republican candidate should follow the example set a few years ago by Clint Eastwood and debate an empty chair.

Then challenge again, and then debate the empty chair.

And again.

Hold these first debates before any State starts early voting, and then continue the debates throughout the fall. Each debate should focus on a single subject of national importance.

I have to wonder why Phillips is so reluctant to do that during the Progressive-Democratic Party’s primary campaign season.

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