Maybe the Judge Isn’t Entirely Correct

A Florida man was charged by the Feds for possessing a firearm in a US Post Office facility. A Federal district judge ruled the law governing his arrest to be unconstitutional.

US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, an appointee of former President Trump, cited a 2022 landmark US Supreme Court decision that expanded gun rights when she handed down her ruling Friday that dismissed part of an indictment charging a postal worker with illegally possessing a gun in a federal facility.

So far, so good. But:

[T]he judge declined to dismiss a separate charge for forcibly resisting arrest.

The “forcible resistance” consisted of the man running when Federal agents tried to “detain” him. This is where I have a problem. I don’t see anything wrong with resisting arrest when the arrest is pursuant to a non-law, a law that is unconstitutional. The charge itself was legitimate, since the agents, in good faith, were trying to arrest him, and he ran (notice that: he ran, he did not fight); however, once the underlying law was ruled unconstitutional, the arrest pursuant to it became illegitimate, and the charge of resisting that arrest should have been dismissed.

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