Where Does Harvard Go From Here?

That’s the question The Wall Street Journal asked in its Wednesday article.

Melissa Korn, the article’s author, proposed this in all seriousness.

The governing board and interim leaders will first need to address concern from some faculty and alums that the school has drifted too far to the left, with a growing emphasis on ethnic studies and diversity, while also fielding complaints from others that it hasn’t gone far enough in addressing racial inequities on campus and in society at large.

That won’t happen until there’s a 100% replacement of Harvard Corporation and Board of Overseers members. Those are the personnel who actively condone Gay’s bigotry and dishonesty—a support they demonstrated by allowing her to resign rather than firing her, and a support they continue by keeping as an employee of Harvard, a professor. These are the personnel who hired her, who push “diversity” claptrap, and who have already influenced the hiring of all those Leftist “teachers.”

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