Not the Government’s Job

DHS wants the Supreme Court to let its agents cut the razor wire barrier Texas has erected along sections of Texas’ border with Mexico, a barrier raised in order to slow the flow of illegal aliens into Texas, and a barrier necessitated by the Biden’s decision to not defend our southern border and to not enforce existing immigration laws. A core part of DHS’ rationalization for eliminating that barrier is this:

Homeland Security says the wire can leave migrants stranded in the river, risking injury.

The razor wire does no such thing. What leaves the illegal aliens stranded in the river is their decision to try to come into our nation illegally, to break our laws as their first act on entry.

It’s not our government’s job—at any level—to protect illegal aliens from the consequences of their own decisions. It is our government’s job—at any level—to protect our nation from illegal aliens’ entry.

Full stop.

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