Bring It

Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a bill which authorizes Texas’ law enforcement personnel to arrest illegal aliens and further authorizes Texas State judges to order them deported.

The Biden administration objects.

In a letter to Abbott…the Department of Justice says it will “pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government.”
The letter says that the law “intrudes into a field that is occupied by the federal government and is preempted,” citing a 2012 Supreme Court ruling, US v Arizona, which found that the federal government has the power to enforce immigration law….

Abbott has committed to fighting the Biden/Garland DoJ as far and for as long as is necessary, given the Progressive-Democrat President’s decision to erase our southern border and in pursuant of which he has abrogated his Constitutional obligations, one, to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed with his deliberate decision to ignore our immigration laws and, two, to safeguard our nation by defending our borders.

I say bring the lawsuit. Discovery, all by itself, will be illuminating. Let’s see what you got.

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