Mayorkas’ Closed Border

Recall that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has repeatedly said that our southern border is closed, for instance, on the occasion of the end of Title 42. Here are some data just from the CBP app that DHS personnel have foisted off on the CBP, an app with which would-be entrants to the United States may schedule appointments to appear at US ports of entry.

Between January 12, 2023, and September 30, 2023, more than 278,431 appointments were made through the app, with roughly 95.8% of individuals securing parole into the US interior.

That’s just in general. It gets…more so…particularly regarding illegal aliens from nations that are inimical to us.

  • 94% of 20,948 Russians who scheduled appointments through CBP One secured parole
  • 93% of 246 Afghan applicants secured entry
  • 97% of 57,381 Venezuelans secured admission
  • 98% of 801 Belarusians were allowed in
  • 88% of 18 Iranians were allowed in
  • 88% of 36 Chinese were allowed in
  • 82% of 2,279 Uzbeks were allowed in

This is Mayorkas (and Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden, who hired him) using their Newspeak Dictionary definition of “closed border.”

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