Lying or Hostage-Taking Threat?

Our Progressive-Democratic Party President, Joe Biden, is at it again. On the possibility of a Federal government partial shutdown due to a lack of a budget—which Biden distorted as being a complete shutdown—he had this threat regarding our military:

Let’s be clear. If the government shuts down, that means members of Congress and members of the US military are going to have to continue to work and not get paid….

This, of course, is false, or should be. There is plenty of revenue coming in to the Federal government under existing tax law to continue paying the Federal debt, Medicare and Social Security outlays, DoD expenses and military salaries, and on and on.

Biden knows this full well. The only interpretation to his claim is that he’s lying outright, or he intends deliberately to withhold our military members’ pay, taking them hostage against his demand to get his way.

You decide.

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