Boosting my WiFi Signal at Home

Kurt Knutsson has some ideas for doing this. Luddite that I am, I question a couple of his going-in assumptions, at least as his suggestions apply to my case. Start with his subheadline:

Fix deadzones, speed up slow spots, and make your wireless internet signal reach farther

I have an ordinary-sized, one-story, wood frame, single-family home. I don’t have deadzones or slow zones (I’ve walked signal-assessors around my house). I don’t want my WiFi signal to reach farther, either; that would take the signal even farther outside my house, even farther past my city lot boundaries, making it even easier for wardrivers to capture, or for others to (try to) piggyback off my WiFi Internet connection (despite the several security precautions I’ve taken).

Have you ever wanted to watch your desktop screen on your smart TV, yet found out that the network connection is too weak or unreliable?

Nope. In the first place, I’ll never have a “smart” TV in my house until they’re the only ones left on the market when I need a replacement, and/or I can guarantee the device will never have or get access to the Internet. Smart TVs, currently, are just another piece of the Internet of Things that is so much a security risk.

YMMV. And probably does.

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