“Employment Violence”

Boston University has laid off some 15 staffers of the university’s Center for Antiracist Research. BU’s School of Social Work Clinical Assistant Professor and faculty lead for education and training at the Center for Antiracist Research, Phillipe Copeland, claims that’s violence.

This act of employment violence and trauma is not just about individual leaders. It’s about the cultures and systems that allow it to occur. And too often rewards it. Antiracism is not a branding exercise, PR campaign or path to self-promotion. It is a life and death matter[.]

Never mind that the Center remains a strongly going concern (for good or ill), and its founder, Dr Ibram X Kendi, remains its Director.

Copeland went on:

Taking a program [he’d resigned from the Center and founded Fellowship program otherwise within the Center] from the Black faculty member that created it is apparently what BU considers “antiracism” and “diversity and inclusion.”

And that gives the game away. The idea that only a Black person can teach matters regarding Blacks—which necessarily involve whites, Hispanics, Americans with Asian heritages—is itself a most insidious form of racism.

Still, if this is what employment “violence” looks like to the Woke, the fastest and most direct way to mitigate that violence, if not to eliminate altogether, is for employers, Boston University in particular, to not hire these folks in the first place.

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