Continuing His Father’s Virtue-Signaling

Prince William is royally frustrated with the pace of “climate” solutions and wants them developed and executed faster.

For now, we’re quite keen on the scale…when we scale up [solutions], how can we have the biggest change? For me, that’s something I haven’t quite cracked yet, is “how do we scale faster?”
I’m impatient with all this. You guys provide the product…the inspiration, the solution, my role is to get you as big, as fast, and as scalable as possible…. We’ve still got some work to do on that.

First, though, William needs to demonstrate that there is, actually, a crisis. The idea that storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc are getting steadily worse has long since been debunked.

Then there’s the fact that the plethora of climate models have consistently exaggerated the degree of predicted global warming over the last 25+ years they’ve been making their predictions—in fact, there’s been very little global warming. And those models still cannot even simultaneously predict the past and the present.

Then there’s the fact that the climate mavens’ go to source, the UN’s IPCC, has used the highly unlikely worst case scenario to push for zero atmospheric carbon emissions “right damn now,” while desperately ignoring the much more likely middle scenario which predicts…meh.

Then there’s the larger picture:

  • we’re 11.5k years after the end of the last severe glaciation (and still in middle of the latest Ice Age, which began some 2.8 million years ago), and we’re still cooler than the geologic warming trend line*, and much cooler than the warming excursion of 6k, or so, years ago
  • ice cores taken from Greenland and Antarctica that reach back 400k years indicate the atmospheric CO2 increases coincident with or after planetary warming, not before
  • there are epochs in which Earth was much warmer than today, and life was lush; there are epochs where atmospheric CO2 was much higher than today, and life was lush; those epochs do not correlate with each other—indeed, there are epochs of high temperature and low atmospheric CO2 and periods of high atmospheric CO2 and low temperature, along with high levels of each and low levels of each
  • there are epochs with no Artic ice sheet and a greatly reduced Antarctic ice sheet, and life was lush.

If the prince doesn’t demonstrate the existence of a climate crisis, instead of just blindly repeating what members of the climate funding industry tell him, he is just virtue-signaling and needn’t be taken seriously, no matter his august nobility.


*The trend line is very noisy, but Earth is warming, and has been since it began—because our sun has been warming ever since it gravitationally collapsed far enough to light off its fusion process.

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