How Do We Know?

SecDef Lloyd Austin’s DoD section, the Department of Defense Education Activity, appears to be disbanding DoDEA’s own section focused on pushing diversity, equity, and inclusion claptrap onto our military members’ children in DoD schools. That subordinate organization, the DEI unit, was founded on explicitly racist tenets. These are from the originally selected head of that organization:

So exhausted at the White folks in these PD sessions. This lady actually had the caudacity to say Black people can be racist, too. I had to stop the session and give the Karen the business. We are not the majority. We don’t have power.


I am exhausted by 99% of the white men in education and 95% of the white women. Where can I get a break from white nonsense for a while?


If another Karen tells me about her feelings… I might lose it….

And so on. The woman, Kelisa Wing, has since been removed from that position, but there’s no reason to believe that bigotry wasn’t still imbued within that DoDEA DEI unit.

But how do know that…stuff…won’t still be inflicted on the children attending DoD schools following the DEI unit’s formal disappearance? All we’re seeing here is the disbandment of the official front organization for the ideological “teaching.”

DoDEA’s director, Tom Brady, said he will be dispersing the DEI specialists into existing units as part of a “reconfiguration of talent.”

The same person who set up the organization remains in place. The same persons he charged with executing on that organization’s ideology remain; they’re just getting new titles. There’s also this from a “Pentagon statement:”

The Department of Defense Education Activity’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for our employees and in support of high achievement for our 67,000 military-connected students remains unchanged.


Within the next month, we will integrate our DEI specialists into four key divisions at headquarters: Research, Accountability, and Evaluation; Strategic and Organizational Excellent; Professional Learning; and Human Resources.

This is that “reconfiguration of talent.”

In short, we don’t know. But we have no reason to believe it won’t still be.

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