I Don’t Watch the NBA

I stopped watching the NBA years ago when one team’s General Manager tweeted in support of Hong Kong’s then-freedom protestors. That GM was promptly canceled, not just by the Left, but by the NBA (he was forced to resign), as players, owners, sports commentators came out of the woodwork all yelling that there was money to be made in the People’s Republic of China; how dare this GM endanger their pocketbooks like that. The point of the freedom protestors’ protests has since been amply demonstrated by the men of the People’s Republic of China government.

The NBA’s utter disregard for morality, for anything resembling common human decency, continues. Enes Kanter Freedom, late of the NBA, has the tale.

The NBA [is the] “No Boundaries Association.” The NBA gives free propaganda to a genocidal regime[.]

This is the sort of thing that has drawn Freedom’s disgust, and mine:

NBA league owners all allegedly have over $10 billion invested in China and a video from the Washington Wizards showing Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang shooting free throws.

Freedom went on.

When the Muslims are being literally slaughtered in concentration camps in China, you [Adam Silver] are silent, and not only are you silent, but you’re literally working with this genocidal regime. You’re literally working with the most brutal regime in the world hand-in-hand and trying to make money and business over there.
Please look me in the eye and say you don’t know nothing about the 3 million people in concentration camps in China [who] are getting tortured and raped every day. Shame on you.

Freedom is being generous. Of course Silver knows that. Every man and woman in the NBA knows that. They don’t care. There’s money to be made.

This is another reason to ignore the National Basketball/No Boundaries Association and everything its members do or say.

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