What Did They Think Would Happen?

The influx of illegal aliens into New York City is unsustainable, especially for the city’s schools. At least that’s the claim many involved in running the city’s education infrastructure are making, now that they’re being forced to accept the outcome of their city being a Sanctuary City for illegal aliens. For instance, Travis Civic Association President Gene Guerra claims that the school in his neighborhood is already “overflowing” and he’s unsure if the principal would be able to accept more students. He’s insisting,

There’s really no place to put these children.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) now complains that illegal alien (whom he cynically terms “migrants”) “crisis” that confronts New York City will cost the city at least $1 billion by the end of the fiscal year, and

My fellow New Yorkers, we are in a crisis situation[.]

What did these worthies think would happen when the city’s management, after deliberate, conscious, careful consideration, decided to make the city into a Sanctuary City, a status that Adams has so proudly continued?

Of course, the influx is entirely sustainable; as responsible officials, they prepared for the influx. Or were these Progressive-Democrats insincerely virtue-signaling with no intention at all of following through?

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