“This is unsustainable”

That’s what the Progressive-Democratic Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is saying about the influx of illegal aliens into his city, a city that is proudly sanctuary to illegal aliens. So he’s declared a “state of emergency” over that influx.

These are the statistics Adams is citing:

  • More than 61,000 people are now in city shelters, a near-record that officials say they will shortly exceed
  • Officials are renting rooms in more than 40 hotels across the city to try and keep up with the influx
  • Arriving families have enrolled 5,500 new students in New York City’s public schools, a jump from the previous tally of 3,200
  • [I]t will cost $1 billion to provide [the illegal aliens] with shelter space and social services

Never mind that more than 2 million illegal aliens have flooded across our wide open southern border this year—and the year is not over. The Dell Rio sector, which includes the city of Eagle Pass, had 350,000 illegal aliens come through. The El Paso sector is getting 1,000 to 1,300 illegal aliens per night.

And none of that includes the unknown number of illegal aliens who got across our border undetected, no does it include the hundreds of thousands of gotaways, those known to have crossed illegally, but escaped capture.

Nor does any of that include the massive amounts of drugs flooding across our southern border carried by so many of those illegal aliens.

Nor does any of that include the crimes the illegal aliens commit once across our southern border, crimes ranging from petty theft through vandalism to killing pets to killing livestock to robberies and murders. None of which the illegals bused to Adams’ sanctuary are doing.

Adams at least knows all of the illegal aliens he’s whining about sheltering in his sanctuary city.

Adams thinks what he’s getting is unsustainable. He needs to come down to the border, do a ride-along with the border patrol along the border, get out on the river with the border patrol—see what unsustainable really is. And quit his crocodile tears.

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