Border Control Failure

…by our Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden and his pet (Harry Reid’s term) DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

Lawmakers in Congress are sounding alarm after 15 illegal migrants with suspected terrorists [sic] ties were caught crossing the border in a single month, raising worries that some might eventually reach the stage of launching an attack.

Failure? Customs and Border Protection agents caught them, didn’t they? How is that a failure?

Congressman Andy Biggs (R, AZ) said border agents are increasingly overwhelmed processing the nearly quarter million illegal migrants who are crossing monthly and that means more dangerous players are sneaking across perilously undetected.
“You have probably 80,000 to 100,000 people coming into the country that we don’t interact with, we don’t we see them, we don’t stop them,” Biggs told Just the News.

That’s a rough estimate, to be sure—”don’t see” means don’t see. However, say it’s an overestimate by 100%—that’s still 40,000-50,000 illegal aliens not interacted with at the border, and that’s a large population within which terrorists could be mixed and go undetected and so uncaught. It only took 19 terrorists to perpetrate 9/11. On the other hand, if Biggs’ estimate is an underestimate by half, the number of terrorists getting in could be much larger.

That doesn’t get to the so-called got-aways—illegal aliens spotted crossing our border but who escape capture and succeed in penetrating to our interior and secreting themselves. By Mayorkas’ own April testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee, there were nearly 390,000 got-aways in FY21. In April 2022 alone, there were 58,000 got-aways, nearly double the monthly average of Mayorkas’ FY21 admission. How many of those got-aways are terrorists or have terrorist ties?

Catching 15 potential terrorists out of all of that is no success. Not at all.

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