“Refuse to Enforce”

That’s the position of a large number of leftist District Attorneys regarding State abortion-related laws that are likely to take effect or get enacted if the Supreme Court, in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, significantly restricts or overrules Roe v Wade. The DAs are going on record as saying they won’t enforce anti-abortion laws that might take effect.

District attorneys in metropolitan areas including Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, and San Antonio have said they won’t prosecute abortion providers or others, including those who assist a woman in obtaining the procedure.

Those aren’t the only regions, either. An Arizonan is running for District Attorney on her promise to refuse to enforce any Arizona anti-abortion law. A sitting DeKalb County, GA, District Attorney says she won’t prosecute abortion providers—Georgia law be damned, apparently, when it doesn’t suit her personal whim.

Object to anti-abortion laws if they disagree with them, certainly. DAs also should work to change those laws, if they disagree with them. But blithely disregard or disobey them?

Only the Left views laws as suggestions to be heeded or ignored at convenience.

DAs—officers of our governments—who ignore these laws or any others they find inconvenient are breaking those laws, and they’re violating their oaths of office.

Those are offenses worthy of prompt removal from office.

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