That’s Their Goal

The Progressive-Democratic Party is pushing bills in the House and Senate—the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act is the House version—that would attach price controls to gasoline sales. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance says, correctly, that such a move could lead to a return to the gas lines of the 1970s. That’s the period of then-President Richard Nixon’s (R) price control regime which he implemented in response to OPEC’s oil embargo against us.

But gasoline lines and limited supply of oil- and gas-based (and coal-based) energy are Party’s and President Joe Biden’s (D) purpose. Those are intended to drive us off hydrocarbon-based energy altogether in favor of the Left’s phantasmal “green energy” utopia.

Recall that Biden’s mentor and BFF, then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama (D) campaigned on a promise to apply regulations that would price coal plants completely out of business.

Recall that then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden (D) campaigned on a promise to end oil and gas production and force us onto solar- and wind-powered energy.

Recall that newly sworn President Joe Biden (D) canceled Keystone XL, a pipeline that would have brought 800,000 barrels of Canadian oil into the US for refining and supply. He then implemented Executive Orders and instructed his various Cabinet Departments to implement regulations that would severely inhibit domestic oil and gas production.

Recall that Biden still is having his Cabinets slow-walk leasing for oil and gas production on Federal lands, and is even slower-walking permits actually to do anything with those leases that are eventually granted.

What we have now is President Joe Biden (D) implementing his own oil embargo against us and his Party syndicate in Congress looking to tighten the embargo.

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