This is Who

…the Progressive-Democratic Party has become. This from Party leader, President Joe Biden (D), as he bragged about his starting out in DC happily lunching with segregationists like [James (D, MS)] Eastland and [Strom (D, SC)] Thurmond, all those guys:

[W]e ended up eating lunch together. Things have changed. We got to bring it back.

Get back to hobnobbing with segregationists. Sure. This is yet another example of the manifest racism of Party.

Dan McLaughlin, National Review Senior Writer, noted:

Segregationists were famously chill about who got to eat lunch together[.]

National Journalism Center Program Director Becket Adams had this:

[O]f course you ate lunch together. [Y]ou were allowed to sit at their counter.

David Rubin of The Rubin Report, tweeted:

Nothing like a hot lunch with a segregationist…

Not all of us, and certainly none of us average Americans are interested in bringing the old days of segregation back. That’s the desire of the Left with their identity politics racist and sexist bigotry.

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